SKYWAY TECHNOLOGY S.A. was incorporated in Vitoria in 1991, as a company marketing hunting items, air guns and blank firing guns. Right from the outset, Skyway has marketed leading brand names in the firearms sector, such as Verney-Carron, Bernardelli, H&N, Bruni, Fiocchi, Sauvestre and Eley. Likewise, thanks to its knowledge and experience in the sector, Skway has also developed its own brands such as Stinger, which covers firearms and also hunting accessories.

In 2.004 Skyway became part of the Evia Group, leading to a considerable boost to its business. The group's parent company, Suministros Evia, is a leader in the distribution of sport fishing items in Spain whilst it also has branches in the main markets in Europe. Furthermore, Suministros Evia has also been present in the hunting and outdoor sector for more than 10 years now, through the HART textile brand.



From 2008 onwards, Skyway extended its scope of activity to new business areas:


Skyway markets some of the most prestigious brands in the sector, such as Bates boots, Mechanix gloves, Bollé optics and the Weinen and Rass-65 personal defence sprays.


The world of Airsoft has experienced a considerable boom over the last few years. Skyway has become one of the leading companies in this sector, thanks to the great variety and prestige of the brands marketed, in addition to its highly acclaimed after-sales service. Some of the brands marketed include: BO MANUFACTURE, VFC, STARK AMRS,G&G , KJW, MARUI, CLASSIC ARMY, DT-TECH, JING GONG, GOLDEN EAGLE, CYMA, A&K, DBOYS, WELL, DOUBLE EAGLE, TORNADO, ZOXNA, HAKKOTSU, S-THUNDER, DUEL CODE, DELTA TACTICS, ORBITAL, GUARDER, MECHANIX, EMERSON, BOLLE, MODIFY, JB UNICORN, ELEMENT, MIDLAND…

Due to the strong development of this sector, an area exclusively dedicated to airsoft has been created within Skyway, with its own specific website:(

Skyway is currently widely represented throughout Spain, thanks to its extensive sales network. Skyway also has a Specialised Technical Department trained to deal with upgrades, to provide technical support and to see to any other customer enquiries.

Thanks to its position and experience in the Spanish market, and to the support of the Evia Group, which has been operating in the key international markets for many years now, Skyway is currently in the process of expanding in order to extend its scope of activity, yet still maintaining its traditional expertise and customer commitment.